May 2019 – August 2019
Bellevue, USA

NLP Research Intern

Tencent AI Lab

Worked with Dr. Chao Weng and Dr. Dong Yu on target speech extraction with end-to-end speech recognition objectives.
May 2018 – August 2018
Kyoto, Japan

Research Intern

NTT Communication Sciences Lab

Worked with Dr. Marc Delcroix on speaker and environment adaptation for end-to-end noise robust speech recognition.
September 2017 – Present
Baltimore, USA

Research Assistant

Center for Language & Speech Processing, Johns Hopkins University

Working with Dr. Shinji Watanabe on noise robust speech recognition, end-to-end speech recognition, speech enhancement, beamforming and dereverberation.
July 2015 – August 2016
Bangalore, India

Network Software Engineer


Worked in the Axxia network accelerator team, Data Center Group. Contributed to IPv6 module and automation of performance benchmarks.
July 2012 – July 2015
Chennai, India

Project Associate

IIT Madras

Worked in a consortium project sponsored by DeitY, Govt. of India under the supervision of Prof. Hema Murthy. I was involved in the development of a common framework for HMM based speech synthesis of 13 Indian languages. I developed an automatic segmentation tool and also worked on using syllable as the fundamental unit of synthesis

Selected Publications

A statistical parametric speech synthesis system uses triphones, phones or full context phones to address the problem of …